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Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center Launches Conflict Resolution Training


WENATCHEE — In an era marked by escalating tensions and growing conflicts, the Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center (WVDRC) has taken a significant step toward addressing the need for effective conflict resolution. WVDRC has introduced a series of training programs aimed at equipping individuals and organizations with essential skills to navigate and mitigate conflicts.

On Oct. 10, the WVDRC will initiate a De-escalation Training program, which promises to be a vital resource in an increasingly polarized society. This training is not a mere workshop; it is a response to a pressing need. Participants in this program will:

  • Dive deep into their relationship with conflict.
  • Acquire a foundational understanding of the interest-based conflict model.
  • Engage in substantive discussions about self-de-escalation techniques.
  • Discover effective strategies for de-escalating potentially volatile situations involving others.
  • Cultivate practical conflict resolution skills for peaceful problem-solving.

While De-escalation Training is particularly relevant for public and community service organizations, its principles can benefit anyone seeking to defuse tense situations and promote understanding. The immersive learning experience will take place in person on Tuesday, Oct. 10, from 1 to 5:00 p.m., with all necessary course materials provided. The registration fee is $75 per person.

This fall, the WVDRC introduces a Resolution Washington-approved 40-hour Basic Mediation Training (BMT) course. It represents an opportunity for individuals aiming to become certified volunteer mediators with the Wenatchee Valley DRC, those looking to enhance their conflict resolution skills, and professionals in fields such as law, counseling, or education seeking relevant training.

The BMT course delves into the mediation process, refines communication skills, and examines the complex dynamics of conflict. It equips participants with the tools for peaceful and constructive conflict resolution in various settings, be it the workplace, home, or the broader community. Completing the BMT course opens the door to a mediation practicum, leading to certification as a volunteer mediator with WVDRC.

This transformative journey unfolds over five days, with sessions scheduled for Oct. 25-27 and Nov. 2-3. All course materials will be provided, with a registration fee of $550 per person. Organizations sending three or more participants can benefit from a reduced rate of $450 per individual. This training is endorsed for 40 Clock Hours, making it valuable for educators.

For those eager to engage in these conflict resolution training programs or seeking further information, please visit or contact WVDRC via email at or phone at (509) 888-0957.



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