Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Benefits of Giving Back this holiday season


The holiday season is an opportunity for businesses to support youth organizations, charities or non-profits that align with their mission, vision, and values. Employees are often involved in service clubs or youth organizations that directly impact local communities. By offering these organizations your employees’ support, it will not only benefit your communities, but it will show how meaningful it is to give back to the employees too. It’s a win-win-win for all!

According to America’s Charities Snapshot Employee Donor Research, 71% of surveyed employees say that it’s important for them to work for a company that is supportive of giving back and volunteering. Giving back not only feels good, but it shows that the spirit of giving is beyond monetary value for your business. A giving spirit can help position your business for further growth, employee retention and satisfaction in the New Year. (Teambonding, Oct. 2022)

As a small or mid-size business, how can your giving be a part of the marketing and team strategy?

1. Good Public Relations-Donating and serving your community is just plain good. Your goodwill will be a model for others to give and create a better place to live and work. The relationships created with other business professionals, building internal and external teams, and media attention, will only help strengthen ties for the future.

2. Marketing and PR Opportunities-Aligning with a fundraising event or charity is an excellent way to leverage your company’s brand. The more your team sees the company is working together for a greater good, the more it shows compassion for others beyond the bottom line. It’s an excellent morale boost to see your company’s logo on community posters, fliers, social media posts or ads.

3. Gain Client and Customer Support-Individuals and clients do business with companies that give back. Customers feel good about spending or buying a gift from a retail business or agencies that give a percentage back to its community, as their dollars are being used to help others in need.

Charities and non-profit organizations often survive all year on the donations from the holiday gift-giving. The thought of engaging in altruistic behavior increases our happiness. So, why not make your employees’ world, and the World, just a bit better this holiday season? Give a little bit. Build a better team. Reap the happiness and let others reap the rewards.



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