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Executive Q&A

Meet Danielle Martin, CEO of Building North Central Washington


Building North Central Washington CEO Danielle Martin has a passion for advocating for small businesses and people here in the valley. Martin believes the people she represents deserve to be heard, considered, and valued, and she strives to ensure they are.

Building NCW, a non-profit trade association, is dedicated to fostering the growth and sustainability of the local building industry, small businesses, and the quality of life in North Central Washington.

This member-driven organization works diligently to advocate for its members and address issues that affect them, particularly focusing on the challenges posed by overregulation within the building industry and small businesses.

Building NCW actively engages local elected officials with a grassroots approach, ensuring that they are well informed about the concerns and needs of their members.

The organization's primary goal is to support and promote the building industry for economic stability and growth in North Central Washington.

Recently, we caught up with Martin to talk about her vision and goals for the organization.

Can you provide a brief overview of Building North Central Washington's mission and the key initiatives it focuses on in the region?

Our Mission at Building NCW is to promote and protect small businesses. Our valley has a rich history of small businesses thriving, and we want to protect, nurture, and support that. As far as our membership goes, traditionally, they are builders and builder-adjacent businesses – contractors, lenders, real estate agencies, building suppliers, architects, etc. We have branched out and added members like photographers, staging and interior designers, auto dealerships, and more. We are here for all the business owners in North Central Washington. These businesses are worth protecting as they’re the livelihoods and legacies of our community members.


What inspired you to take on the role of CEO at Building NCW, and what do you hope to achieve in this position?

After working for this organization for nearly three years, the opportunity arose to step into this position. I stepped into it with the knowledge of what this organization is about, a passion for the events, already established relationships with the members, and a love for this valley. I have many hopes for this organization, one of which has come to pass already – we reintroduced ourselves this summer with a new logo, new colors, and a renewed vision of where we are headed! We will always drive to be better. Protect our community better, promote more small businesses, and advocate for the valley. We are the voice of hundreds of businesses and people – their voices deserve to be heard, considered, and valued, and BNCW will ensure that happens.


How has the organization evolved and grown since its inception, and what significant milestones or accomplishments can you highlight?

Building NCW has been in the Valley for almost 30 years; our organization has grown and been challenged like all businesses. A huge hurdle for our organization and many others was the pandemic. We are an event-based organization, and when all events stopped, our organization suffered. Now we are back on track and better than ever!

Building NCW appears to play a crucial role in the local community's economic development. Could you share some success stories or examples of projects that have had a significant impact on the region?

Building NCW’s goal is to help our membership by promoting and protecting them. We play a role in our local community, but it is more of a silent “We Got You” role. I can’t pinpoint a huge success; more of little successes that add up over time.

In your opinion, what are the most pressing challenges and opportunities currently facing the construction and development industry in North Central Washington?

There are several challenges facing the construction industry locally. One of them is the labor force, and we need more people going into trades. This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to go into construction. Jobs are waiting that have great base pay and benefits that our younger generation isn’t aware of. Another struggle is the housing and building market. The price of building has exponentially increased, and everyone is feeling it, from our builders, supply companies, labor force, and home buyers.  

Can you describe any collaborative efforts or partnerships your organization has formed with other businesses or entities to further its goals and benefit the community?

We partner with a lot of the region’s organizations and businesses. First, we have a Board of Directors that is made up of business owners in the region. They support us, and it’s a great partnership to have their help with support, leadership, and smart business practices. We also partner with the Wenatchee Business Journal, which gives us a platform to reach our members and the community monthly and helps our voice reach further. We have partnerships with other non-profits like the Women’s Service League and with local sports organizations like the Wenatchee Wild and the Wenatchee Apple Sox. Recently, the Wenatchee Valley College Women’s softball team volunteered to host a home on our Building NCW Home Tour. We have also done work with the tech center in town and are partners with many chambers around town. We enjoy partnering with businesses and organizations to collaboratively work on making North Central Washington the best place to live, work, and play. We are blessed that all those who we work with believe that as well. 

Looking ahead, what are the strategic priorities and vision for Building NCW in the coming years, and how do you plan to achieve them?

Looking ahead, we want to grow and continue to make a difference in the valley we all call home. We want to continue to build relationships with local leaders and businesses and to host events that promote our members and that are fun for our community. We have a beautiful area, and we want to protect what makes Wenatchee such a great place to be. A large part of that is protecting the people, keeping the small-town feel, and making sure every business has an opportunity to thrive.  

On a personal note, what drives and motivates you as the CEO of Building NCW, and what do you find most rewarding about your role in the organization?

I love my family and this valley. My family has a deep history here in the valley. My kids are growing up here, and I want to make a positive difference in this community. I want to leave a legacy of change and involvement.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

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