Sunday, June 23, 2024

Empowering the future: The 2024 STEM Summit and AI Expo at Wenatchee

Sponsored by Microsoft


As schools across the region prepare for graduations and summer vacations, the North Central Educational Services District (NCESD) and dozens of regional partners are gearing up to prepare for the 8th annual STEM Summit, a pivotal event that underscores the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the educational landscape of North Central Washington. The summit will take place at the Wenatchee Convention Center from August 19-21, 2024. A constellation of partners, including the Apple STEM Network and presenting sponsor Microsoft, support the annual event to empower and inspire teachers and educational leaders to promote and advance STEM education. 

STEM education is the cornerstone for future growth in various sectors of the local economy, and the upcoming summit aims to strengthen this foundation. Educators from across the region can tap into a hub of knowledge sharing, and a series of workshops led by local professionals in the STEM fields.

This year’s STEM Summit is set to feature a powerful trifecta of women keynote speakers, including Dr. Jennifer Bay Williams from the University of Louisville, who brings expertise in mathematics education, emphasizing the importance of understanding mathematical concepts beyond rote learning. Dr. Catlin Tucker, a best-selling author and international trainer, will share her insights on blended learning and how to engage students in a dynamic educational environment. Dr. Jenee Myers Twitchell of Washington STEM will discuss the crucial intersection of education, equity, and policy.

On Wednesday, August 21, NCW Tech Alliance will join in to present the 3rd annual AI Expo. The AI Expo is offered for the greater community, including local businesses and anyone with an interest in AI, to join regional educators attending the summit. NCW Tech Alliance has an ongoing commitment to investing in the region's most valuable asset—its people. By nurturing a strong STEM education ecosystem, the alliance is laying the groundwork for a future filled with opportunities for innovation and economic prosperity. 

The AI Expo will feature nine interactive sessions that explore the role of artificial intelligence in education and business and its combined potential to reshape the region's future workforce and industrial landscape.

The integration of the AI Expo into the STEM Summit reflects NCESD's recognition of artificial intelligence as a critical component of STEM education. As AI continues to transform various sectors, it is essential that educators are equipped with the knowledge and tools to integrate AI concepts into their curriculum. This will ensure that students are not only consumers of technology but also creators and future innovators with the skills they need to shape our digital future. 

NCESD Director of Technology Pete Phillips says, "The STEM Summit and AI Expo aren’t just events; they’re commitments. They symbolize our dedication to North Central Washington’s educational and economic vitality. As educators, industry experts, and community members converge, we create a collaborative environment. STEM education becomes the catalyst for progress, and AI becomes our ally in shaping a brighter tomorrow.”

For more information and registration details, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official STEM Summit website. The summit and AI Expo promise to shape the future of STEM education in the region.


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