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Dispatch Mailroom: simplifying shipping for Cashmere residents


CASHMERE — Located in Side Street Cashmere, the Dispatch Mailroom aims to be a convenient hub for locals, saving them the trip to Wenatchee for their shipping needs. 

The family owned and operated business offers mail and package shipping, receiving, holding and other business services. 

"So in addition to the shipping and receiving, we have 90 Private mailboxes for those to rent out because Cashmere's post office currently is at capacity for mailbox rentals," owner Bonnie Phipps said.

The Dispatch Mailroom was one of the first businesses to open in Side Street Cashmere, with a soft opening in October. Since then, Phipps has been systematically expanding services as the business grows. 

"We have incrementally been starting," she said. "We got approved by the postmaster back in July as a commercial receiver to be able to receive mail and packages here like third party receiving. And then in October we got approved by UPS to be an access point. So packages can get rerouted. So they're not sitting on community residents' porches or if they need a signature for those over you know, somebody over 21" 

Besides shipping needs, the business also offers packaging supplies and professional packaging and business services such as a Notary, Content Creation, copying, printing, and more.

Around the holiday season, the Dispatch Mailroom held a gift-wrapping fundraiser to benefit the Cashmere High School and Santa letters for kids. Phipps hopes to offer the same events again this year.

In the near future, Phipps hopes to add virtual mail services, professional packing and organizing, and a virtual notary service. 

Coming soon, the Dispatch Mailroom will add a mini bookstore featuring local authors and artists from North Central Washington. The bookshelves located in the mailroom will be part of a bigger partnership with Pearl Street Books out of Ellensburg, which will be opening a bookstore in Side Street in the near future. 

For now, the bookstore's bookmobile regularly visits the Dispatch Mailroom monthly.

Phipps hopes that the mailroom can serve as a community hub and that people will hang out and stay local.

"I think like the most fun for me at least it's just been getting to know the community and the customer service part, which I'm loving, kind of delivering on," Phipps said. "Just because I know like when I go to the UPS store, it's kind of a drag."

"So trying to offer quality service and get to know people and each time somebody comes back, it's gonna be that much easier because I already have them in the database and so kind of a combination, focusing on customer service, and efficiency," she said.

The Dispatch Mailroom is located at 109 Railroad Ave. in Cashmere and is open M-F from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and by appointment on Saturdays. 

Quinn Propst: 509-731-3590 or


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