Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Business Growth =Education


Professional development might be one of the most important investments to increase the bottom line. Entrepreneurs, businesses owners and executives need to empower themselves and their leadership to stay relevant in today’s pivoting marketplace. Owners need to stay sharp outside their own industry trends and look for new technologies to enhance the selling cycle to potentially increase business culture and productivity.  Here are a few ideas for continuing education and professional development that will surely impact your marketing growth:

Use the Worldwide Web-the Internet continues to push the boundaries, allowing for more opportunities to educate, collaborate, sell products and services. The web can be one tool to use for free seminars and continuing online education. There are a vast number of higher education opportunities than ever before in an array of concentrations for professionals. Look for free seminars, TedTalks or Facebook Live events that may include speakers who engage the audience and can answer questions. Tutorials and videos can be a powerful tool when learning new applications. Research the programs or certifications that will make the most impact on your professional development for today and the future.

Seek out a mentor-Entrepreneurs often look to former professors, or business leaders who not only believe in their work but can offer honest and genuine feedback. Mentors can help expand your professional network and can provide valuable insights to new potential customers, partners, or investors. In addition, mentors can provide valuable insights into industry, companies, and global markets and can offer a fresh perspective on strategies that executives may not have considered. Industry consultants can act as mentors. Overall, a mentor may lead to greater job satisfaction, help guide and nurture professional goals.

Join or establish an association-A good entrepreneur or executive will surround themselves with diverse minded individuals who are passionate about the same industry. While many associations cost money to join and offer educational sessions or certifications, some are strictly for networking and professional growth. The association may have membership levels where the organization can showcase products or services while learning from others.

Education comes in different formats, but the bottom line is to continue learning to help overcome barriers so that leadership is fully prepared for anything the future holds.

Jennifer Bushong, MA is the owner of JBe Marketing Group, LLC., a full-service marketing and communications firm in Washington State. Bushong earned a Master of Arts in Journalism with a concentration in public relations from Kent State University and graduated cum laude with a communication degree from the University of Washington.  To connect, email or visit


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