Tiny Houses

Bavarian-themed "tiny houses"

PLAIN - Adeline, Otto, Belle, Hanna and Rudolph are coming to the Thousand Trails Leavenworth RV Campground in Plain. Those are, in fact, the names of the so-called "tiny houses" that are now at the campground. An open house was held this past weekend.
It's called the Leavenworth Tiny Village. It's the latest Petite Retreats Tiny House Village.
"We started with our first one last year, in Oregon, right outside of Mount Hood. We have a tiny house village. We have two tiny houses right outside of Sedona, Arizona. This is a big village opening for us, where there are five with more of a community aspect," said Ann Colletti, Thousand Trails and Petite Retreats spokeswoman.
Five tiny houses have been set up as a vacation rental option, Colletti said, very similar to a cabin or house rental. The tiny homes have been decorated in Bavarian style, to tie into Leavenworth.
The smallest home is 180 square feet, the largest 300 square feet. The tiny homes have created lots of fans, through the various tiny homes shows on HGTV.
"They have been very well received. I think people are excited to see them in person. People can stay in one for a little bit, since so many people watch the shows, but there aren't many opportunities to see one in person. People are generally pretty excited if we have an event or book a vacation with us," Colletti said.
The smallest house sleeps two, while the biggest house sleeps five.
"Each one is bigger than the other. They all have different exteriors, but they also have different personalities and names," Colletti said. "There is a little seating area, a small table. There are lofted sleeping areas and some have first floor space. Outside the home is a grill, fire ring and picnic table. The stay there will be very much like a cabin rental."
To book a tiny house, you can go to rvonthego.com and search for Leavenworth. Very shortly, a new website is coming online, leavenworthtinyhouse.com. Once that website is live, Colletti said you can book directly through that website. That will allow you to pick a house and floor plan and understand what you are getting into with a tiny house.
"Some people who visit our open houses say, they are very small. We laugh, because it is a tiny house. Normally, people see that and have a good time," she said.
Colletti said a lot of people are interested in tiny homes by the builder, Tumbleweed.
"They are pretty popular in the tiny house space, but there are not a lot of opportunities to see them in person. People are excited to see a Tumbleweed tiny house," Colletti said.
The Thousand Trails Leavenworth RV Campground is located at 20752 Chiwawa Loop Rd. in Plain.

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