Chelan Veterans Service Officer Sandoval wins 'flag' award

Pictured from back row left, Washington State Representative of Hometown Heroes Lourence Dormaier of Ephrata, VSO Tony Sandoval, front from left are Tony’s daughters Scarlett and Rain.

Chelan County VSO Sandoval gets custom

made wooden flag in honor of his service

Story and photo by Gary Bégin

Chelan County Veterans Service Officer (VSO) Tony Sandoval, an Army veteran, was awarded a custom-made wooden American flag from Hometown Heroes, a national  organization that honors state citizens who have served the veteran community in a demonstrably dedicated way.

Sandoval’s efforts have brought millions of dollars of revenue through veteran’s benefit compensation to the county and to the veterans themselves over the last few years.

That compensation from the Veterans Affairs Administration, a federal agency, is then spent by recipients throughout the county and adjoining areas. On top of that, veterans also receive an increase in medical and other benefits which is often used in the Chelan and Douglas counties area at a huge variety of medical practitioner’s businesses.

The tank on the front of the flag represents Tony’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). The green stripe represents the U.S. Army. The ceremony took place in late December in the Wenatchee VSO office.

Although Sandoval’s service area includes all of Chelan County, the Hometown Heroes award is based in Quincy (Grant County), and it recognizes citizens from all over Eastern Washington. Tony has also helped many veterans from Douglas County and other areas. The flag was made by Charred Chisel owner Ethan Kinney (

Washington State Representative of Hometown Heroes, Lourence Dormaier, presented the flag to Sandoval. Dormaier, an Army veteran, owns and operates Next Mission Farms ( in Ephrata.

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