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Residence Inn by Marriott Suites

‘Celebrate nature’


Story and photos by Gary Bégin

The Wenatchee Business Journal spoke to Douglas Dreher, the CEO and President of The Hotel Group, owners and operators of the new Residence Inn by Marriott Suites on the Columbia River near Walla Walla Point Park.

Dreher began the interview with this statement: “Our Residence Inn Wenatchee is being designed as a lively property that will celebrate the nature and beauty that is unique to Wenatchee,” he stated.

Dreher continued: “Wenatchee holds many fond memories for me and my family; so becoming a member of the community was a natural and obvious decision. Being coupled with the Residence Inn brand allows us the opportunity to create our own identity, within the extended stay product, while still providing our guests with the incredible benefits synonymous with the Marriott Family brand of hotels,” Dreher said.

“We are confident that with our strong market knowledge, dedication to our Hospitality Greatness vision, and experienced operations and marketing team, The Residence Inn Wenatchee will be ingrained in the community for many years to come,” he said.

“We have enjoyed our partnership with Stream Real Estate and with the property expected to open soon, look forward to many successful years in the Wenatchee hospitality market.”

Here’s the interview Q&A that took place in late February with Dreher about the new hotel, expected to open this summer:

Wenatchee Business Journal: If the company headquarters knew ahead of time about COVID-19, do you think it would have gone forward with this project?

Residence Inn - Douglas Dreher: The Wenatchee market has been one that our ownership has been interested and committed to developing in for several years. The vision of this development project has not changed from a long-term investment within the community of Wenatchee. We continue to have unwavering confidence in the future of the Wenatchee market and look forward to opening this summer.

WBJ: What health and safety features are in place to ensure the guest's stay will be a worry free one in light of the pandemic?

RI-DD: We will adhere to all state and local guidelines, as well as implementing Marriott’s Commitment to Clean Protocols. We will utilize EPA-approved cleaning and disinfecting agents that kill the COVID-19 virus.  Face coverings will be worn by all team members and guests along with continuing to follow social distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer stations will be located in high traffic areas and high touch areas within the lobby will be disinfected every two hours. We will limit housekeeping entries into guest rooms and thoroughly disinfect all bathroom surfaces, buttons, knobs & switches, remotes controls, telephones and luggage racks, etc. 

WBJ: What made HQ think Wenatchee was the right place for a new branch?

RI-DD: We know that there is demand in the market for a high-quality hotel in the extended stay sector. When the opportunity was available to develop a Residence Inn by Marriott we knew this was the perfect dominate extended stay brand. The location of this hotel is the best in Wenatchee - providing a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for our guests along with immediate access to Walla Walla Point Park, Town Toyota Center, the Apple Capital Loop Trail and all that Wenatchee has to offer. We plan to provide first class amenities, including a “recreation hut” and facilities catering to Mission Ridge visitors. 

WBJ: Is this new facility an investment in Wenatchee's future growth?

RI-DD:  Absolutely!  We see this prime area of Wenatchee continuing to grow and develop over the years and we are thrilled to be a part of that progress.

WBJ: Is your expected forecast in Wenatchee to be a profitable one?

RI-DD: Residence Inn is a pioneer in the extended stay market since Marriott purchased the brand in 1987. Over the years it has been the product that other extended stay hotels have used as a solid benchmark. We have seen in the past year that the extended stay product has resonated with travelers and has been a leader in their performance. It is our anticipation that this will continue and we expect our performance to be strong.

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