Long-time local Deputy Prosecutor Announces Candidacy for Chelan County District Court Judge

Allen F. Blackmon has announced his candidacy for Chelan County District Court Judge. Mr. Blackmon, a life-long Wenatchee resident and current Chelan County Deputy Prosecutor, is seeking the judicial seat being vacated by Roy Fore.

Mr. Blackmon graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1983, the University of Washington in 1988, and received his Juris Doctor from the Syracuse University College of Law in 1992.
Blackmon has served Chelan County as deputy prosecutor for the past 25+ years, practicing extensively in district, superior, juvenile, and mental health commitment courts. He is trained in sexual assault and domestic violence prosecution, mental health court, and gang crime prosecution.

He actively participates in numerous mental health committees and educates domestic violence advocates. Notably, Blackmon was instrumental in creating a mental health diversion program, and along with Senator Linda Evans Parlette, Confluence Health, and Catholic Charities, in modifying legislation to allow mentally ill clients to receive necessary treatment locally. He favors establishing a mental health court due to his belief that it’s in the best interest of society to have low-risk mentally ill individuals in crisis be diverted from jail into proactive treatment programs. According to Blackmon: “It is absolutely necessary to hold offenders accountable for their actions, but part of holding them accountable includes examining motivations on why the act occurred and crafting a sentence that addresses underlying causes. An untreated person experiencing a mental health crisis may continue to commit crimes, resulting in additional arrests and jail admissions. This places the individual at risk to themselves, the other inmates, and the jail staff.”

Additionally, Blackmon deeply believes in accessibility of the courts for all. He readily acknowledges courtrooms can be intimidating and confusing. “It is my goal that all parties are afforded the ability to have their say and their questions answered. The public can only have confidence and faith in our courts if they believe they are being heard and that different viewpoints are allowed to be expressed.” He believes balance in the make up of the court contributes to continued public confidence.

Allen seeks to bring a fair, balanced, and experienced perspective to the District Court bench. www.blackmonforjudge.co

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