Leavenworth City Council Member Anne Hessburg Announces bid for Chelan County Commission

Leavenworth resident and city council member Anne Hessburg announced her candidacy for Chelan County Commissioner District 2.

“After a lot of thought and encouragement by local residents, I have decided to declare my candidacy for Chelan County Commissioner,” Hessburg said. “Chelan County has great opportunities and difficult challenges ahead. We need strong leadership that honors collaboration, honest dialogue, and service to the public,” Hessburg said.

Hessburg plans to focus her campaign on three major priorities:

Collaborative Leadership - Chelan County residents deserve Commissioners who will invest time to build relationships, handle conflicts in a constructive manner, bring people together, seek to find common ground and understanding, and share decision-making to get effective and efficient results.

Honest Dialogue - Chelan County residents deserve open and honest conversations where they are encouraged to engage, contribute, and share their ideas. Participation in dialogue is the key to success and proper representation.

Restoring Confidence in County Development  - Chelan County residents deserve dependable, clear and consistent application of regulations, and experienced staff who are willing to work collaboratively in a courteous, professional manner that seeks a workable permitting path forward.

Hessburg served for ten years on the City of Leavenworth Planning Commission and was elected to the Leavenworth City Council in 2019. She was then elected Mayor Pro Tempore by the council in 2020. Hessburg’s local government experience, combined with her professional expertise with 15 years of experience on both sides of the counter as a Chelan County shoreline and land use planner, and current environmental and land use planner, has given her a valuable understanding of the issues associated with permitting and development within Chelan County, and the harsh financial consequences current issues have caused for our citizens and the county itself.

“Chelan County is at a critical juncture right now. I have the passion; necessary skill sets and a detailed understanding of the responsibilities of local government to properly lead and serve as Chelan County Commissioner.”


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