Taqueria El Chavo bought by new owners

Taqueria El Chavo

Recently, Taqueria El Chavo in Cashmere was acquired by the owner of Pavz Tacos in Leavenworth, Carlos Bernal Lopez. Taqueria El Chavo, also known as El Chavo’s, is a well-known and beloved restaurant in Cashmere. The restaurant will remain open until June 28th under the same management and then reopen July 5th under new management, according to the announcement.


When the acquisition was announced on social media, a great deal of controversy resulted. Locals are concerned that the restaurant will change and serve different food or that prices will be raised. However, Lopez said that he does not plan to change the way that El Chavo is operated.


Lopez said that the current owner’s wife will stay with the restaurant as the prep cook to ensure that the recipes stay the same. Additionally, all the current staff will continue to work for the restaurant after it is acquired by the new owners, which allows for a smooth transition which ensures the menu stays the same.


Lopez does not plan to raise prices at El Chavo’s. He said that the reason that prices for food are more expensive in Leavenworth is because of higher rent. However, in Cashmere rent is cheaper and so he will not have to raise the prices.


Renovations are planned for the restaurant like a new floor and new paint. The restaurant will open under new management after the renovations are finished, which will be around July 5th. However, if renovations are not finished El Chavo’s may open a few days later. Lopez said that the renovations are planned because he wants the community to have the best atmosphere and not because he is trying to change the restaurant.


Lopez bought the restaurant because he wants to expand his business and because people love the food at El Chavo’s. People have loved his restaurant in Leavenworth and he wants to see if he can replicate that in Cashmere. Lopez is new to the area and immigrated here from Guadalajara, Mexico with his family three years ago.


“ I just have three years living in this town, and I love all the valley. You know, I love  Cashmere, Peshastin, Dryden. It’s a good place to live,” said Lopez.


He moved to the area to become a chef at Rhein Haus and worked there about eight months before buying Pavz. Operating during a pandemic has been difficult and the main reason his business has been able to stay afloat is the outdoor dining set up on Front Street in Leavenworth.


Because the kitchen at El Chavo’s is bigger than Pavz,  a larger variety of food will be able to be prepared to serve at both restaurant locations. Lopez plans to add a shrimp cocktail to the menu as well as items like fajitas. However, even though he is adding to the menu Lopez does not plan to get rid of any of the current loved items at El Chavo’s.


Lopez plans to operate two businesses with help from his family and the current staff of El Chavo’s. His brother-in-law, wife, and sister will help him to run the two businesses successfully. Lopez invites the entire community to try out his new restaurant once it opens.


“We just wanna ask the people of Cashmere, give us a try and give us the opportunity  to know us. You know, we just want to try to give the best to the community,” said Lopez


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