Marketing trends that matter in 2022

Excellent marketing drives sales. Frankly, the sales revenue allows for growth and stabilization of any business. Your marketing drives consumers to test products, buy services and ultimately love your brand.  It is more important than ever for marketing strategists to clearly understand the trends to allow a business to break-through and be a market leader. Trends are abundantly here today and gone tomorrow. It about understanding the new, fresh approach. That’s why trends are a great opportunity to strengthen your brand strategy and get creative. Trends can help respond to shifts in the marketplace and break the boundaries of a new idea.
Here are a few trends to embrace that impact marketing in 2022:

Digital channels are rapidly changing
According to MarketHire data published late in 2021, over a quarter of marketers surveyed said Facebook ad spend is cut. The "ads are getting more expensive and less lucrative,"(Source: MarketHire). Marketers are looking for fresh, new platforms to invest their advertising spend.  Google search, display ads, and LinkedIn are among some of the top channels for ad spend along with Facebook. Watch the changes in the new Meta and stay abreast to advertising components. Some new channels may include HULU, Tik Tok, Instagram, Bing, or email marketing.

While digital advertising should remain a part of your marketing strategy, it is important to note that it will become more expensive. Look for marketing trends that will organically increase and personalize your audience. Perhaps, a loyalty rewards program, an email newsletter, podcast, or maybe a personalized digital or print ad featuring your customer. A nice testimonial from your customer can add value not only to your business, but for your brand. Look for ways to personalize and connect with your audiences versus just boosting or running paid blanket ads.

Be a Creator
Consumers are bombarded with more information than ever before and finding who to trust is becoming harder than ever. A recent article states, "digital marketing experts note that Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements per day." (Forbes, 2021) Set your business apart by providing excellent content, videos, podcasts, and educational information for your customers to benefit. Tell your story and engage audiences on and off-line. Capture their hearts and minds which will help build trust in your brand.

Adapt to the virtual workforce environment
Employees have spent nearly 24 months pivoting to the new reality of the workplace. Many have learned new programs such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, and/or go-to-meetings. While most are happy to be back to "normal" and resuming in-person meetings, the virtual component inevitably exists. The work environment is fluid as some of the best meetings today are virtual.
Be adaptable to new teamwork in the virtual environment and how tools can support their growth. Some will create the best new strategy in the virtual space while others will seek a more face-time approach. A mixture of both might create the best plan and adapt to the current trend.

Be Careful: It is extremely important to know your audience. Just because the trend is popular among your target audience, it doesn’t mean it should be implemented if it doesn’t align with the company’s mission and values. Know your audience and learn what might be a good trend to follow for your business.

Jennifer Bushong, MA is the owner of JBe Marketing Group, LLC., a full-service marketing and communications firm in Washington State. Bushong earned a Master of Arts in Journalism with a concentration in public relations from Kent State University and graduated cum laude with a communication degree from the University of Washington.  To connect, email or visit


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