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Marketing 101 Tips on Getting In

Buy now! Hurry, limited supply! On sale today only! Chances are you have seen these catchy advertisements aimed at capturing your attention to make immediate purchases. When you receive a phone solicitation, you expect to learn why you should purchase a product or service.
Let’s face it. No matter the profession or service, everyone is in sales. No matter what you call the end users of your product or services, customers, clients, buyers, patrons or patients, you need humans to buy or use your products to stay in business. Whether you “cold” call or work to market your invention and gain investors, here are a few ideas to change up your initial introduction:
•Ask questions about their business: The who, what and how are important when doing business. Align with the customer’s values and ideas. Why it your service better than your competitor?
•Talk about the benefits: How does your product or service benefit the customer? What sets you apart? Why is it important for the person buying your product or using your service?
•Right person, right time: Make sure you talk to the right person at the right time. Spend a few minutes to research the company or customer before you make the initial call. If a marketing firm handles the account, be respectful and call them first. This might provide insights on internal or external events, happenings, or meetings. Be respectful of timing too!
Always close with a thank you note or kind words. Buying today might not happen, but tomorrow may pay dividends.
Jennifer Bushong, MA is a seasoned marketer and public relations professional. JBe Marketing Group, LLC. is a full-service marketing firm in Washington State.

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