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Wenatchee Errand Service: Like having two of you

There is a new service in town geared towards today's busy lifestyles especially for those of us with kids, two jobs and a myriad of other responsibilities - Wenatchee Errand Service.
Don't have time for grocery shopping? Gift shopping? How about dropping off/picking up dry cleaning? Need to drop off your furry friend for a bath and grooming? Other errands you don't have time for?, Nikki Davis, owner of this new business, will do it for you.
She charges $25 an hour Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and $40 an hour on the weekends and holidays. Hourly fee above includes 10 miles of travel. Anything over 10 miles is $0.54 per mile.
"I wanted to find my niche and do something that I enjoy. I enjoy people and enjoy helping others. What better way than giving them some of their time back. I know what it is like to work fifty to sixty hours a week and try to squeeze errands in while also trying to give time to the people you love or the hobbies you enjoy doing. There are many good reasons to have an errand service available for your use. On top of having most of your personal time back you also get some stress reduction. We all have that inevitable 'To Do' list that runs through our heads most days and sometimes even in the evenings when we’re supposed to be getting some shut eye. Why not relieve some of that stress and worry by having someone trustworthy and reliable do some of those things for you. Convenience, this is a given. Increased productivity is another bonus, having an errand service gives you the ability to get more done. It’s like having two of you. This is a service that I believe many people could benefit from using," Davis said.
For larger packages, animals and errands, Davis has an SUV and a truck is available. She appreciates getting at least 24-hours notice to do a job and charges a one hour minimum. Davis also gives senior citizens a 10 percent discount.
Davis states that her "overhead is low. I have gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, licenses, credit card fees (Square reader), business cards, rack cards, and taxes. Nothing major at all."
WBJ readers can trust Wenatchee Errand Service because "I believe in doing everything on the up and up. I have a state and city license. I’m not sure if it was required to have one with the state for the type of business I’m doing, but, better safe than sorry. If it’s a business and you plan on making money then you should have a license and plan on paying taxes."
Davis was recently manager of the Fraternal Order of Eagles club here in Wenatchee and has decades of customer service experience.
She wanted more flexibility in her home and work life so she could spend more time with family ... and who doesn't want more of that?
Davis also states that she's "honest to a fault" and is already involved with veterans and animal care volunteering and plans to do more community minded things in the future once her fledgling enterprise takes off.
She wants prospective customers to know she is serious when it comes to integrity and great service because, "my reputation is on the line."
For your errand needs, Call Nikki at (509) 423-0008 or email: WenErrands@gmail.com.

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