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Charge Across Washington
Map showing route of Charge Across Washington

Plug-In NCW and the Wenatchee Electric Vehicle Association are sponsoring a demonstration drive this Spring. "Charge across Washington" is planned to highlight that an EV80 can now drive from Everett to Spokane along recently electrified US Highway 2. Our driver team, Randy and Anne Brooks are experienced Leaf drivers and the car "The Bean" a 2016 Nissan Leaf. The Mayor of Everett will send them off on the 7th of June with a letter to the Mayor of Spokane. We are organizing EV introduction events at the charging stops along the way. Our destination is the historic Montvale Hotel in Spokane. "The Bean" can get a L2 charge while Randy and Anne get some rest in one of their exceptionally nice rooms.

Pick a location to join us, signup at:
Can you help us? We really would like EVs owners to meet "The Bean" and her drivers while they charge at the various charging stations, so that local residents that come by can see and talk to real EV drivers and hear about their experiences, challenges and triumphs. We also would like to have as many EV drivers as we can at the Montvale Hotel, Spokane, WA for the reception. So, we are not asking for your money, but we are asking for something more valuable, your involvement. 

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