June 2017 Wenatchee Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
Labor Area Summary (LAS) report:


Pam Brulotte
By Pam Brulotte Icicle Brewing Co., Leavenworth     As the President of the Washington Brewers Guild I wanted to take      this chance to fill our community in on a current beer issue that      you may have heard about in the news. There is a battle brewing      in the beer business across the...
The Real Magnificent 7
Managing Editor Gary Bégin
They were from 19 to 37-years-old. Our children and grandchildren ought to be told of their sacrifice. They were the seven sailors that were killed by a Japanese cargo ship in June while sleeping on their ship, a destroyer that tirelessly patrols the oceans of the world keeping our shipping lanes...
Despite the unimpressive economy and the drama engulfing the political world, the stock market is remarkably calm. But that’s nothing new. Since the Financial Crisis, the markets have shrugged off a weak economy, the Fiscal Cliff, the Sequester, a government shutdown, multiple crises in Europe, and...

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