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Chelan County Commissioner race
Bugert versus Smith too close to call

By Gary Bégin
Managing Editor, NCW Media
The Chelan County Commissioner's race Seat 2 is still too close to call as of the latest county official vote count held last Thursday, Nov. 9.
The nearly dead heat may be decided by the next county vote tally on Wednesday, Nov. 14 (today) with Nov. 27 as the certification day.
Independent* Bob Bugert, as of press deadline, maintains a slight lead over Republican Shon Smith by a mere .6%. Smith received 13,365 votes (49.7%), while Bugert received 13,525 (50.3%), which equals only 160 votes out of a total of 26,890 cast.
No Democrat managed to get through the traditionally Republican stronghold of Chelan County, but the heavily promoted campaign of Dr. Kim Schrier still won the 8th District as a whole, formerly held by Republican Bob Reichert, despite losing the local vote to Republican Dino Rossi. The 8th District is comprised of Chelan, King, Pierce and Kittitas counties
Democrat Maria Cantwell also won her U.S. Senate seat as the incumbent, but Republican Susan Hutchison beat her in Chelan County by more than 13%.
Schrier became the first female pediatrician to ever be elected to Congress from any state and was greatly aided by a national Democratic Party financial push to drive the anti-Trump vote across the nation in what was part of the so-called "Blue Wave."
The exact figures aren't in yet, but Rossi and Schrier apparently spent millions on television, print and radio advertising as well as billboards and especially direct mailings to potential voters.
Rossi called Schrier "Dr. Tax" while Schrier's campaign leveled charges of corruption on Rossi for past business dealings in real estate.
Two landslides occurred in the state 12th Legislative District vote when existing Chelan County Commissioner Republican Keith Goehner easily defeated his independent opponent Twisp's Ann Diamond, by more than 13%.
12th District incumbent Republican Michael Steel trounced his Democrat opponent Valerie Sarratt in the other race by nearly 30%.
Cashmere's Randy Smith, incumbent on the Chelan County PUD Board of Commissioners, also easily won re-election by a wide margin.
Governor Jay Inslee appointee Chelan County Superior Court Judge Cashmere's Kristen Ferrera retained her seat against Wenatchee attorney Charles Steinberg.
Incumbent Chelan Superior Court Judge Robert McSeveney withdrew from race. Originally a Governor Jay Inslee appointee. He was appointed by Inslee again to another bench seat before the campaign was over.
By now, most readers know who won statewide and nationally, but just for the record, here are the local results as of press deadline listed by vote total and percentage with party affiliation in parentheses.
Be sure to visit our website for updates from the Nov. 14 vote count.
A capital bold X is placed next to each winner as of the last official count on Friday, Nov. 9. Wednesday, Nov. 14, will be the final count before the Nov. 27 certification date.

8th Congressional District
X Kim Schrier (D) 148,327 =  52.68%  
Dino Rossi (R) 133,242 = 47.32%      

12th Legislative District Position 1
X Kevin Goehner (R) 27,789 = 56.84%
Ann Diamond (independent) 21,103 = 43.16%

12th Legislative District Position 2
X Michael Steele (R) 31,58 = 64.81%
Valerie Sarratt (D) 17,145 = 35.19%

Chelan County Commissioner Seat 2
Bob Bugert (independent) 13,525 = 50.3%
Shon Smith (Republican) 13,365 = 49.7%

Chelan County Assessor
X Deanna Walter (R) 16,610 = 63.1%
Kevin Ohme (independent) 9,713 = 36.9%

Chelan County PUD Position
X Randy Smith 14,433 = 63.7%.
Daryn Klingensmith 8,224 = 36.3%

Chelan County Sheriff
X Brian Burnett 17,675 = 65.24%
Jennifer Tyler 9,417 = 34.76%

Chelan County
(Judge races are non-partisan)
Superior Court Judge Position 2
X Travis Brandt 17,664 = 73.36%
Robert McSeveney 6,415 = 26.64%

Superior Court Position 1
X Kristen Ferrera 17,584 = 68.86%
Charles Steinberg 7,952 = 31.14%

District Court Position 2
X Kyle Mott 12,619 = 55.65%
Allen Blackmon 10,055 = 44.35%

Chelan County 2018 election at a glance:
• Number of Precincts 94
• Number of Registered Voters 45,039
• Total Ballots Counted 28,631
• Estimated Ballots Left to Count 4,605
• Next Ballot Count On Wednesday. Nov. 14
• Last Tabulated Friday, Nov. 09
• Voter Turnout 63.57%
• Certification Date Tuesday, Nov. 27

*Editor's Note: The term "independent" is used in the generic sense and does not necessarily indicate that the candidate is being endorsed by the Independent Party. The state ballot refers to these independents as "no party affiliation."

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