Premera Blue Cross, Confluence Health Reach New Multi-Year Agreement

Submitted by Andrew Canning Confluence Health

WENATCHEE - Premera Blue Cross and Confluence Health announced today they reached a new multi-year agreement. The new contract allows Premera members to retain in-network access at Confluence Health, which has facilities located throughout North Central Washington.

Premera and Confluence Health began negotiations with the goal of reaching an agreement that provides Premera-insured patients with access to affordable, quality healthcare. This agreement ensures there is no disruption for Premera members who receive care at Confluence Health.

“The Premera team is grateful for the patience of our customers as we worked hard with the team at Confluence Health to reach an agreement,” said Lee McGrath, Executive Vice President of Healthcare Services, Premera Blue Cross. “Our goal is always to improve our customers’ lives by making healthcare work better, and this new agreement allows our members to have peace of mind, particularly in the midst of a public health crisis, when they seek care at Confluence Health.”

The new contract represents collaboration between the two organizations that provides stability, lower costs, and the opportunity to improve patient outcomes. It also builds in hospital quality metrics, which are aligned with Washington state and national healthcare performance measures.

“We are pleased to have reached a successful resolution with Premera and remain committed to ensuring that patients and families have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, close to home,” said Dr. Doug Wilson, CEO-elect, Confluence Health. “The new contract provides long-term stability allowing us to serve the people of North Central Washington for many years to come. Both Confluence Health and Premera are committed to meeting the healthcare needs of North Central Washington.”


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