Okanogan County Sheriff issues fraud call alert

Okanogan – Sheriff Tony Hawley issued a fraud call media release on Oct. 10 advising county residents of fraud calls.

“We have received multiple reports of county residents receiving telephone calls from a person claiming to be from the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office,” said Hawley. “These calls have requested the callers to call 509-414-7003 and is describing the matter as ‘very urgent’. I called the number to investigate and was sent to a voicemail prompt, requesting I leave a message.”

Hawley stressed that the number is not associated with an Okanogan County location but rather connected with the Chattaroy, Washington area. The voicemail message mispronounces Okanogan and the male caller provides a name which is not that of any Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office employee.

’This number is not associated with Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office or any of our other Law Enforcement partners who utilize the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center,” said Hawley. “The proper number to call is 509-422-7232 which will not prompt you to leave a message.”

Hawley cautions residents who receive the suspicious call not to divulge any personal information.

“If you are ever questioning if a call of this nature is for legitimate law enforcement business, call into the Communications Center to verify that it is valid,” said Hawley. “Be sure to safeguard your personal information to prevent fraudulent activity.”



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