NCW Libraries selects design firm for reimagining spaces project

NCW Libraries has selected Library Forward and Forte Architects as the design lead for the Reimagining Spaces project.

The NCW Libraries Reimagining Spaces Project represents a $10 million, multi-year redesign of 27 community libraries. In funding the project, theNCW Libraries Board of Trustees hopes to make a visible and impactful investment in library service throughout North Central Washington, engaging in a community centric design process that will build and strengthen community partnerships and increase library usage.

Library Forward, a division of Group 4 Architecture, is a national, award-winning, library specific design firm based out of the San Francisco Bay area. Forte Architects is an architecture firm based in Wenatchee with decades-long experience delivering on a wide variety of public projects throughout North Central Washington. These two firms submitted a joint proposal in which Library Forward will oversee interior design and community engagement while Forte Architects will provide a “boots on the ground” presence during design and construction. Library Forward will partner with local NCW

Libraries staff to lead community engagement efforts and Forte Architects will serve as the Architect of Record for the project.

“We are thrilled to have Library Forward, along with local firm, Forte Architects, bring their expertise to our Reimagining Spaces Project. Library Forward brings national experience with reimagining library spaces. Forte Architects understands the context, diverse culture, and various needs of NCW. Together, they will help us update our library spaces to better serve our communities,” said Barbara Walters, Executive Director.

Through the Reimagining Spaces Project, Library Forward and Forte Architects will design safe, accessible, and welcoming library spaces that are positioned to serve the diverse communities of North Central Washington for years to come. NCW Libraries spaces serve as community hubs for learning, connection, and vital resources and experiences.

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