Ephrata man likens Ag to military training

Augie Kooistra likens the 'Ag' business to military training

By Gary Bégin
EPHRATA - Augie Kooistra was in the Army from April 1969 - April 1971. It consisted of basic training, advanced Infantry, Non-commissioned officer, Airborne School, Vietnam infantry, radioman, 173rd Airborne Brigade,  82nd Airborne Division and the All-American Chorus for eight months.
"I was on the original LP record of the All-American Chorus.  I had eight days to learn all the songs and one day to record them and get them right. We were a four-part acapella male chorus. We were the long range recon patrol for the 82nd Airborne Division, but in reality we practiced singing all week and performed on weekends.
Military training is ideal for teaching and running a business in agriculture - "hurry up and wait."
Long hours without food and water, unpleasant conditions at times such as mud, rain, dust, wind, etc. I airborne training it was drilled into us that when the going gets tough the tough get going," Kooistra said.
"That also helped to be reminded of from time to time in our business," he said.
Augies Ag Sales started in 1986. Kooistra  grew up with a dairy background in Sumas-Lynden, Washington area and moved here to the Columbia Basin in March 1995 to Ephrata.
The Lord Jesus Christ had spoken to me in Feb. 1994 and said I was to move here in about one year. We did and have been here since. A lot of blessings followed as the area is "like the Garden of Eden, the promised land, the land of Canaan." he said.
"Our largest revenue maker by volume of business is easily field corn sales. We are currently representing four separate companies' products and serving the organic, conventional and GMO markets in Washington, Oregon and Idaho with day lengths of 72 and 120 corn seed through retail and dealer sales," said Kooistra.
"Our second revenue product are dry hay inoculants, applicators to apply on the baler and baler-mounted moisture monitors to the hay farmer. We have in-state and national sales and into Canada. Also the same for silage inoculant and applicators," he said.
"We are currently importing applicators from England and are very pleased with them. We also sell hot water pressure washers, gas and electric, portable and stationary as well as parts, repair and cleaning products," said Kooistra.
"We sell some other products also that can be found on our website. Jesus promised to his followers in the Gospels that if we put him first in all things, than he will add all these other things to us later and he has for us. Our cup is full and runs over with his blessings," he said.
"His blessings, excellent products and honest hard work all combine for a satisfying career in agriculture. My wife Pat manages the office, garden, orchard, chickens, house and sometimes me," Kooistra said.
"We have two daughters. Delci lives in Tacoma with her husband of five years and Naomi lives and works in Spokane. Our website is currently being overhauled and remodeled. We invite you to check out augiesagsales.com to see all that we do," concluded Kooistra.

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