Third Lab-Confirmed Case of COVID19 in Chelan County

East Wenatchee – This morning, March 20, Chelan-Douglas Health District learned of a third lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 infection in Chelan County.
This is a reminder that the outbreak in our area is happening now, which means every act of social distancing we can take this weekend and in the coming week will be very very important and helpful. What we do now, in the early stages of our local epidemic, will have the most impact in minimizing the number of cases and deaths in our area.
Local elected officials, public health experts and state and national leaders are appealing to each and every one of us to do our utmost to observe stay-at-home orders and to avoid gatherings to the extent humanly possible. Each one of you can help protect neighbors and family who are at high risk due to age or health issues. Even if you never come into contact with a high-risk person, minimizing the overall number of infections in our area helps keep everyone safer.
There is no reason for panic, because almost everyone who gets this virus will recover and be fine. However, there is no reason to shrug it off because we each have the power to minimize harm to people who are precious to us and to our community. We must each do our part.
COVID-19 Resources:
Chelan-Douglas Health District
Washington State Department of Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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