Restaurant floats on Manson Bay

The Galley floating on Manson Bay. Lake Chelan

The Galley: Eat hot & fresh while floating on Manson Bay

MANSON - In early Spring what was once a thought became a realty for Kelsey and and Ryan Dell when they applied for all the permits needed to open up their own business which now floats in Manson Bay daily.
“My wife and I always thought wouldn’t it be great to get some fresh, hot food on the lake,” said Ryan. He mentioned that soon after, they stumbled across the boat that they now own in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and made some renovations to fit their needs.
The Galley Chelan as they have named it, floats 150 feet away from Manson Bay Marina as it awaits for customers to place their order. “Typically they will  text us and then we send them the menu and then they call-in their order,” Ryan explained. From there they wait for the order to be complete, which then they pick up.
Since their opening day in May, the response from the community and tourist has been outstanding. Ryan mentions that they have had multiple repeating customers coming back for their Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos. “Everybody loves the concept and what we are doing down here,” he said.
On the menu you can find a couple breakfast options, snacks and treats, burgers, soft drinks, water and order items such as sunglasses, sunscreen and ice bags. “We tried picking out friendly foods and items can be easily eaten on a boat with no mess or garbage,” said Kelsey Dell.
At the moment, The Galley only serves those on the water, however sometime in the future they would like to also serve those on land. Ryan encourages safety first, “we are telling people to not swim up.” However if you have any sort of floating device feel free to place your order.
"Our goal was to make really good food on the lake, so people can stay on the lake,” said Ryan. Find The Galley floating 7-days a week from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. weather dependent. Like them on Facebook The Galley Chelan.
For more information text or call 509-558-7571.

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