Link Transit Board Accepts Bus Route Changes

Phase One Service Plan goes into effect July of 2022

After multiple community members came out to Link Transit’s March 15th public hearing, the board represented the Phase One Service plan once again, this time with some revisions. After a short 30 minute meeting, the plan was passed unanimously.

After residents gave their view on the proposed changes for Route 22, Cristina Barone once again presented the goals and objectives of the service plan, with the updated number of 83 required bus operators.

Some of the revisions include adding 18 stops to Route 22, versus the previously proposed 11 stops, to include a hybrid on-call schedule for stops in Peshastin. Link Transit will also install call-boxes in Peshastin so that riders can call in their stop.

It is recommended for travelers who want to stop at Peshastin to let the operator know at the beginning of the trip, and for those needing a ride from Peshastin to call the operator 15-60 minutes before the next stop.

Leavenworth Councilmember Anne Hessburg appreciates the revised plan and believes that it reflects many of the concerns given in the prior meeting. However, she still wants to keep a close eye on how many people call-in for the on-call pilot program as they evaluate the performance of this program.

“It's just another step that our community has to go through in order to have access to that bus route, particularly from the pedestrian location. Not everybody in our community owns a cell phone or has a landline. [...] That's just a whole other step that our community would have to go through in order to be able to ride the bus at the time that they need during those on-call slots.”

Other changes in Chelan County include adding bidirectional service to Cascade Avenue, retaining service on Springwater, extending route 7, and deviating route 3 to serve Fuller Street both ways.

Planning and Development Manager Cristina Barone said that for the short-term, Link Transit would be adding the Wenatchee VA CBOC to Route 28. However due to the inaccessible road network, Barone hopes to collaborate with Chelan PUD on constructing a better point of access to the VA in the Boodry Street area.

“The VA is a little more challenging, because the way the street network is at Oldstation, it's really challenging for us because there's railroad crossings, there's not really good street connectivity.”

Link Transit will also be introducing the Trip-Link volunteer driver program that would provide access to neighboring communities near Chelan and Douglas counties. They also recently hired vanpool/rideshare coordinator Jessica Huerta, who can provide more access to the VA.


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