Libertarian Party responds to Inslee

#ResistTyranny: We Are Not Government Property

The Libertarian Party of Washington calls on Governor Jay Inslee to stop killing small businesses


November 15, 2020, Washington – For nine months Governor Inslee has played whack-a-mole with mandates on Washington’s small businesses, contributing to record profits for big corporations like Wal-Mart and Amazon. Hundreds of businesses representing thousands of individual livelihoods have had to close their doors, ignored by the state without recourse. Depression has skyrocketed. With today’s rollout of harsh restrictions, Inslee is yet again harming the very people he claims to want to help.  

“Force and coercion have turned a health crisis into a war,” says Layla Bush, Deputy Communications Director for the Libertarian Party of Washington (LPWA).

Jason Hoff, owner of Evergreen Lanes in Everett, has complied with every prior order, even staying completely shut down for five months. Now he faces forced closure once again. “We have a negative family income already in 2020,” Hoff says. “We cannot afford to lose more, and the state has already proven it is incapable of keeping small business afloat.” 

Business owners like Hoff need the flexibility to be able to protect both their customers’ safety and their own livelihoods. All human activity comes with risk, and when the government uses force to control risk on everyone’s behalf, it forces massive destruction elsewhere. And then its “relief” gets funneled to corrupt crony corporations.

“Individuals are best suited to make decisions on their own physical and fiscal health. Not bureaucrats who don’t know or care anything about their situation or needs,” says Anthony Welti, Community Relations Director of LPWA. “We are not government property. You own yourself, and no government has authority to decide your life’s work is not ‘essential.’ One-size-fits-all forced lockdowns need to end immediately.”

Washington needs cooperation among businesses and individuals who have the right and responsibility to choose their own levels of risk – and innovate solutions voluntarily.  

Jason Hoff says he will attempt to stay open as long as possible under guidelines from the prior phase of the governor’s orders. He’s calling on business owners across the state to #ResistTyranny and join him. 

LPWA stands with business owners who resist the state’s arbitrary use of force to destroy livelihoods, and calls on Governor Inslee to rescind ALL of his Executive Orders regarding covid-19.  


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