It's The Wurst eatery on the Avenue

Lisa Sanchez outside her sausage shop Wurst

It's the Wurst eatery on the Avenue

Story and photo by Gary Bégin
"Food nourishes the soul," even if it is served by the Wurst eatery on Wenatchee Avenue. That's because owner/operator Lisa Sanchez puts her heart into every sausage she prepares for her mostly downtown lunch crowd.
Her hole-in-the-wall gnosh pit is ideal if you are in a hurry and happen to work anywhere in the area because she's fast and efficient getting the dogs to the buns and into your mouth.
"I'm happy to see repeat customers," Sanchez said.
She's been feeding people almost her entire life (more than 40 years) since age 14.
Sanchez has worked and/or been associated with well known Leavenworth venues such as King Ludwig's, Enzian Inn and Edelweiss as she not only grills a mean wiener, but also performs solo guitar when a place needs music. She's also driven with a commercial driver's license "over the road" for two years for something to do as she's got a restless spirit inside she must satiate with meaningful activities.
She started the Wurst dog-in-a-shack potential empire for about $5,000 early last summer and plans on eventually diversifying her menu to attract more diners.
If you like kielbasa, hot dogs, a rueben or even vegetarian options like salad, drop by the Wurst place on the Avenue, especially on Wednesdays for her weekly special.
"Food makes me happy," remarked Sanchez, and we know she isn't alone in that mind set.
Open 11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., located at 5 South Wenatchee Avenue in front of the Savings and Loan Building near the corner of Palouse.

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