Day of the Dead

!Dia de los Muertos!

CHELAN - Hispanic cultural values were honored here as that community was joined by friends and neighbors to honor deceased ancestors during the Dia de los Muertos parade and festival in November. Chelan Mayor Mike Cooney led the parade holding the banner announcing the event as candy was thrown, bands played and a celebratory crowd oscillated with the ebb and flow of colorful costumes, many with the symbolic skulls and skeletons emblematic of the day emblazoned on them in one fashion or another. "I am very glad that the Chelan community has decided to hold this festival because it is honoring the traditions of my community and that is important to me and many others that live here," said Chelan resident Mark Jimenez. For more information, visit to see how to take part in next year's Dia de los Muertos. Gary Bégin/WBJ

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