Credit criteria from a landlord's view

Property investment firm owner Goodell discusses good credit from landlord’s view


Story and photo by Gary Bégin

She may look like a nice lady, but you better meet her criteria or else … creditworthiness criteria that is.

Made in the Shade Property Investment Group LLC Owner/CEO CleAnn Goodell needs to protect the interests of her client landlords or else risk losing her own business. Allowing a “bad” tenant to rent an apartment in one of her managed buildings can be a tricky tale, one involving judgements, both figuratively and literally.

“Credit scores are often the first thing I am obligated to check when I get an application from a prospective renter, said Goodell.

The Wenatchee Business Journal sat down with the busy Goodell for a brief interview regarding the importance of good credit and other criteria most commonly used in her industry and definitely by her.

Wenatchee Business Journal: As a property investment company, do you consider Made in the Shade (& you personally) a "caretaker" of your client's assets? CleAnn Goodell: Absolutely.

WBJ: How important is a credit score?

CG: It's about 50 percent of the approval process.  It's the first thing I look at along with a background check and if you don't meet the credit criteria, the application is turned down.  If you have no credit, your application will also be turned down.

WBJ: Can you sometimes help those whose credit is “on the edge”?

CG: If a score is very close, I can take an additional, refundable deposit in lieu of a lower credit score. 

WBJ: What about job history? Is that also important as credit scores?

CG:  Job history is semi-important also, but not as important as your current job and current income.

WBJ: How important are referrals from former landlords?

CG: Rental references are also very important.  If there is an issue with your past landlord, I would like to get the landlord’s side of the story as well as the tenants and make a decision from there.  It is also about 50 percent of the application process.

WBJ: How bad is it for a prospective renter to get a “bad” reference?

CG: Very.  If it's a bad reference the application will most likely be turned down, but could depend on the circumstances.

WBJ: Are you able to help those who need to rent a place, but don’t meet the criteria or know how to qualify?

CG: If they want information, I'll tell them everything I know to explain how credit works, that it's important to have, how to get it and how to make it better if your score is low. 

WBJ: How bad a score is too bad?

CG: Depending on the score, it could take several months to a year to get the score up.  If the score is low because of collections and/or bankruptcy, it will most likely take years.

CleAnn Goodell also owns and operates Palm Tree Rentals, LLC. She can be reached via: CleAnn Goodell on Facebook, at or by phone

509-293-3402.  Made in the Shade Investment Group is also on Facebook

or reach her via website:

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