Friday, March 20

East Wenatchee – Recent emergency orders from our Governor have made it illegal for restaurants, gyms and other group gathering sites to continue operating as usual. Restaurants are encouraged to provide carry-out service but cannot operate dining areas. Gyms and other nonessential businesses must close. Links to all recent proclamations by the Governor can be found at

The Chelan-Douglas Health Officer, Dr. Francis Collins, issued a legally binding Health Officer’s order this morning, March 20, making any violation of the Governor’s order a violation of the Chelan-Douglas Health Code. This enables the Health District to enforce the Governor’s orders, and we will do so. We will make every effort to achieve voluntary cooperation, but violators who do not cooperate will be fined $500 to $5,000 a day until cooperation occurs. State law empowers local law enforcement agencies to enforce Health Officer’s orders if necessary.

Members of the public are encouraged to report violations.


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