Chelan County election results

Tiffany Gering defeats Dale England

The Friday, Nov.6 Chelan County election results show Tiffany Gering still leading Dale England for Chelan County Commissioner District 3 race. Tiffany Gering has 18,051 (50.04%) to Dale England’s 17,419 (48.29%).

The following results represent Chelan County figures only as these races are multi-county: Leg. District 12 State Rep. Position 1: Incumbent Keith Goehner – (24,617) 59.64% to Adrianne Moore – (16,614) 40.25%.

Chelan County voters rejected or repealed: Referendum 90 by 21,043 (52.69%) to 18,895 (47.31%). Advisory votes 32 (68.62%), 33 (70.29%), 34 (72.22%), 35 (62.59%) and Senate Joint Resolution 8212 (62.01%).

President Trump won in Chelan County 52.68% to Joe Biden’s 44.55%.

Incumbent Democrat Rep. Kim Schrier lost locally to Republican Jesse Jensen 45.67% to 54.17% respectively. Schrier received 19,168 votes to Jensen’s 22,737.

In Chelan County, Loren Culp, Republican, defeated Democrat Incumbent Jay Inslee, 24,632 to 17,614 or 58.06% to 41.52% respectively.

As of 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6, therewere only 483 ballots left to count, which will not change any of the above results.

Candidates Kevin Overbay (Chelan Commissioner), Brad Hawkins (State Rep.) and Mike Steele (State Rep.) had no opposition and so cruised to victory in their respective races.

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