3 Fingers now Chelan Bay

Chelan’s ‘Three Fingers’ becomes exclusive ‘Chelan Bay’ waterfront



By Gary Bégin

Managing Editor, NCW Media

CHELAN – Wenatchee-based Goodfellow Brothers development company will finally get a chance to build on what was a former landfill known for decades as the “Three Fingers.” After 50 years of legal battles, zoning issues, community protests and meetings for and against the actual landfill itself, the courts found in favor of Goodfellows about two years ago which led to the original planning for 25 homes. Due to even more planning issues, the proposed development was reduced from 25 homes to 12 home lots and a commercial lot.

Work is expected to start this spring, 18 months after the original designs were proposed.

Because of required road widths leading to each of the fingers, only 12 lots could fit, but there is no doubt the resultant homes will be considered “exclusive waterfront” homes on the south end of Lake Chelan.

Although specific floor plans and prices have not been set yet, the Wenatchee Business Journal did get a chance to get more facts in an exclusive interview with

Chris Martin, Project Manager, Pacific Rim Land. Pacific Rim Land is a real estate and asset management company owned by the Goodfellow family.

Martin had this to say about this exciting new Chelan development:

“Thanks for the interest in our project. It’s been a long time coming. As I am sure you are aware this particular property has been met with challenges along the way. I am certain most people that have driven by this site have imagined an idea of what might ultimately be built. I certainly have. I currently do not have rendering with homes but will in the next month or two. We are selling 12 residential lots and one commercial lot. We will be building all the docks including the commercial dock. We are looking for the right entrepreneur to develop the commercial piece. Like most members of the community, we would love to see a boat-up restaurant take that site. Our civil plans are currently being reviewed by the city and our target is to begin moving dirt and begin sales within the next two months. If people would like to keep up to date on the project, they are welcome to send us their email on the website: chelanbay.com.”

The website showcases many of the fun and interesting things to do while in Chelan, all within comfortable reach by foot or car of the development.

An important disclaimer was placed at the end of the website: “The design images and plans depicted on this website are preliminary in nature and are subject to change in all respects. These preliminary plans and design images are illustrative of the potential development and should not be relied upon or used as a basis for an offer on any lots, construction plans, permit applications, or otherwise. The developer makes no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the potential development based on such preliminary design and plan images, which are subject to revisions in all respects.”

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