Ann Congdon stepping down as PUD Commissioner after serving 18 years

Ann Congdon announced on April 6 that she will not be seeking re-election to Chelan County PUD’s District 3 commission seat. She will have served for 18 years with four different General Managers and will be the second longest serving PUD board member in Chelan PUD history.

“It’s been a privilege to serve”, Ann said. “This has been an amazing 18 year run for me and my husband, Tom Allen. When I look back at where we were when I started in 2005 ($1.5 billion in debt; complete loss of customer/community trust) and where we are today, I am, quite honestly, astounded. Fortunately, there were many good things and people in place when I came on the board. They created opportunities for us, the board, to be a part of building a better future for Chelan County.

“I am confident that I will be leaving the PUD in great hands. The incoming commissioner will have a great team to work with. I am not leaving because the job is no longer enjoyable or challenging. I’m leaving because it’s time. It’s time to let someone else have the opportunity to serve.

“I hope to find ways to continue to make a positive and meaningful difference in the world. Much of my time and focus will be on advocating for the disabled and disadvantaged. And, I really look forward to having more time to spend with my family. My grandsons will keep me hopping. “Thank you to all of you who have reached out with questions, encouragement, thoughts and kindness. Thank you to my fellow commissioners from whom I’ve learned so much! We were a great team.”

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