Dizzy D’s Gains New Owners

Photo by Megan Sokol. Dizzy D’s co-owners Jeanetta and JJ Coyne.

The homegrown diner and hotspot Dizzy D’s has been adopted by new co-owners Jeanetta and JJ Coyne. They both agree that they do not wish to make any major changes to the diner.


“For the most part, the small town diner bit has just been a fantastic place. I've been coming here for years and I've cooked in a lot of different places, and I really enjoyed coming here for burgers compared to some of the other places I could have chosen,” JJ Coyne explained.



The Coyne couple officially opened on April 5th and have been thoroughly impressed with the community’s response to the new change. They will also keep the same staff during this transition.



“They're an amazing group of people, the cooks are fantastic. So many years of experience between them I can't even compare. To give credit to the prior owners, the staff are some of the most well trained individuals I've ever met. They're so on top of things,” JJ Coyne remarked. “It was like everything just fell into place, like Kismet, it was so amazing.”



The co-owners reminisce about their own family memories at Dizzy D’s and are excited to deliver that same experience to their community.



“Our kids always wanted the chicken strips and fries and the 'tooty fruity' soft serve in a bowl. Every time we had to get it,” Jeanetta Coyne said.



JJ Coyne added, “Having a little family walk up to get a bunch of ice cream cones, it's fun. It doesn't even feel like a job at that point, it just feels like you're sharing in everybody's joy.”



They learned about this opportunity through their daughter, Kiara Sundstrom, who is a real estate agent in the area. 



JJ has had decades of restaurant industry experience, but states that he has learned tremendously from his wife Jeanetta as they learn the business together. 



“This is our first time as business owners, so it was quite an adventure to go through and find out everything you need to do,” Jeanetta Coyne said.



They will keep Dizzy D classics like the cookie salad, a twist on the classic ambrosia salad that contains fudge stripe cookies, vanilla pudding, whip cream, and a cocktail fruit salad, and the former owner’s famous sloppy joes. They also hope to keep prices the same or as close to the price as is.



“We're just going to stay on our toes and just really watch prices. We want to keep it fair for people that come here because everybody's feeling the crunch of this,” Jeanetta explained. 



Some changes they do wish to implement are new dessert additions along with minor splashes of modernization, along with changing the organizational structure to better suit their operation style.



The Coyne family would like to give recognition for their daughter Kiara Sundstrom and her husband Justin Sundstrom, Morgan Burts and Austin Burts, and their teenage son Macen. They also hope to make the restaurant a place for their son to grow and gain some workplace experience.




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