Photo by Megan Sokol. Lana and Andy Thomas, owners of Side Street, with baby son Desmond.
Self-acclaimed mom-and-pop duo Lana and Andy Thomas are finishing plans for renovations to their newly acquired property at 107 Railroad Avenue and are now ready to present Side Street, their future community-based hub that will cater to small businesses, vendors, and artisans. Their dream for the...

Misty Viebrock, the Deputy Director for RiverCom 911.
At the Wenatchee Convention Center, Misty Viebrock waits in anticipation for one person to show up to her booth at the Wenatchee Job Fair. She looks at the crowd, in search of potential dispatchers to help fill her chronically understaffed Rivercom 911 Call Center. "We did get to talk to, I would...

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