Jennifer Bushong

April Issue

It is known that great marketing increases sales. So, how do you achieve great marketing? Excellent content and engaging information entice readers to learn more. Content can be an excellent story, blog post, video, article, and/or photos. Digital communications has drastically changed the marketing complex, creating more ways to obtain leads, points of purchase, and connect with customers. Today, successful marketing includes relevant content coupled with savvy marketing techniques.

A familiar Bill Gate’s quote reads, “Content is King”. Marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk, added “Content is king, but marketing is Queen, and the Queen runs the household”. The reference is to digital content and identifying which marketing channels to use to get your message to the right consumer at the right time. The content on one channel may be different but the message can be the same. Today, there are multiple different marketing mediums and all can be coupled together to maximize profits. After all, your hard-earned dollars need to work for you.

Here are 3 ideas to optimize your content marketing:

Polish your website: Create engaging articles and identify the keywords. Review the site copy and swap out photos often. The more views to your site will increase the likelihood for more conversions. If you are hiring an employee, use words to describe the position and promote your company. The more vivid word choices, the better the content engagement will be on your digital platforms.

Tell a story: Select or create images to tell a story. Like a written news article, a photo can paint a picture to help illustrate a story. Depending on the marketing channel, more images can add to higher engagement time. On average, a photo can produce 39% higher interaction rate versus text-only content.

Use video: Like any good storyteller, a video can instantly capture the hearts and minds of the viewer. Videos can be shared on digital platforms or social media channels.

Great marketing uses multiple mediums to tell a story and showcase products or services in the best way possible. Spend time identifying your primary and secondary messages, analyzing medium options, and then use tactics to maximize every effort.

Jennifer Bushong, MA is the owner of JBe Marketing Group, a full-service marketing and public relations company in Washington State.

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