Why candidates in Business Journal?

Why are candidate Q&A's in the Wenatchee Business Journal?

Only the most naive amongst us would not understand why candidate question and answer articles are in the Wenatchee Business Journal. Now that I have insulted all the nay-sayers, let me explain further.
Whether the general election race candidate stories feature county assessors, sheriff or various judges and commissioners, it is always incumbent on the winners to file financial documents showing donations and expenses.
Running for congress, state senate, U.S. Senate or state House, it all takes money and that money comes courtesy to support or "guide" the candidate's viewpoint on issues.
It also means special interests get involved in rooting for one over the other for a variety of reasons. The local, district and state races can be seen as a microcosm of the national races.
There are no politics without money being involved in one way or another. When money changes hands and power and control over the citizenry is at stake, then the story belongs in the Business Journal.
Look at the variety of groups fighting for power in Washington state alone: The so-called Green lobby, which involves everything from electric cars to pollution to the water and lumber and fishing industries, is just one of the many groups.
Pro-choice and pro-life candidates have their minions. Tourism and agriculture have their supporters and detractors.
Schools, teachers, infrastructure, import-export and tariffs ditto. This year there are and were several female doctors on the ballot. Thus involving the medical community and industries.
Union-backed candidates and government workers, industry and corporate workers, both blue and white collar - all come with baggage and enemies, backers and issues.
Once again, read about the people who seek to control your lives or perhaps become their victims. When the dust settles, Democrat Republican and independents will be victorious on paper, but also beholden to their supporters. The old adage about dancing with the one that got you to the ball in the first place holds true for these mere mortals relishing the glory of conquest in November.
Caesar was nothing without support of the Roman Legions and its commanders. The American empire is likewise owned and operated by corporations and perhaps thousands of small vested interest groups.
Don't ever believe only the pure and holy get elected. Those who do must also believe in fairy tales. He's a good man. She's a good woman. So what. Good folks need money to run for office just as much as crooked ones do.
Once the ballots are counted, look for those that go to the campaign victory parties. Watch those that get hired into key positions. Observe which laws get followed to the letter and which are lackadaisically enforced. Smell the money and see the friends that come calling for favors.
It has been the American way since there was an America.
Two years in office or six years or four. It is that time for favors to be repaid and hidden agendas to be revealed. You will find business at the core of every party and every race.
I feel no shame at being a cynic, only failure at not getting more folks to understand that in reality, we live in a material world and money is the fuel that keeps the wheels humming.


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