Progress @Lakeside Schoolhouse

Chelan's old schoolhouse gets new life

Building materials are ready for use at Chelan's old Lakeside schoolhouse

Major progress made at old Lakeside school

CHELAN -- In an exclusive interview with the Wenatchee Business Journal, Lakeside school building owner Brian Winn said, "It’s so rewarding to see how enthusiastic the community and the city is about the Schoolhouse repurposing. As such, our plan to save the 1920s Lakeside School and create a multidimensional community space hasn’t changed."
He continued, "What has changed, is that this project is bigger than we realized, and the costs to move progress in the direction we envisioned has taken some creative thought and one more Chelan-homeowning family joining our adventure. The Moayeri’s, Yuchasz’s and Winn’s may be coasties currently, but plans of year-round fun in the sun on the East side of the mountains are always top of mind!"
Chelan citizens are only seven months away from realizing Winn's dream of the multi-purpose project coming to fruition.
"Picture high ceilings, big windows, with French and rollup doors to the open air. Under the current plan, the Schoolhouse will include a restaurant in the old gym and lunchroom, a small batchone-off brewery in one of the classrooms, a bar, a live music stage, a playground for the kiddos, event space with daily wine tastings, and even a rooftop deck," he said.
"For us, it’s all about family and community. By bringing fresh designs forward while honoring the past, we hope to create a place where entire families feel welcome," Winn concluded.
"It’s our plan with the Lakeside Schoolhouse to add to the memorable experiences shared by families in Chelan. We will keep the existing Schoolhouse brick building and footprint intact, yet will explore a combination of restoring and renovating the interior to give way to an inviting space for families and friends to be social, listen to music, play games and, of course, partake in a cold beer or glass of wine. An onsite restaurant is planned for dining and a rentable venue for parties, groups and local events will be available. It’s an exciting process and we can’t wait to be one more great resource for the Chelan community," said Winn after buying the old school on nearly one acre from Chelan businessman John Anderson for $1.2 million in 2016.
Originally Winn was aiming for a summer 2017 opening for the expected multi-purpose building built in 1922, but for whatever reason the renovation efforts stalled until last month when construction equipment and tons of building materials appeared at the site.
Winn said "The Lakeside Schoolhouse is a multi-family project. Our goal is to set roots in the Chelan community and one day retire there with passive income generated from our investment in both the building and the community. The fact that this will be generational for my family was the positive turning point in the friendly purchase negotiation with Mr. John Anderson," Winn said.
Zipfizz (Winn) sponsored the Chelan Rotary's Century Challenge/Cycle De Vine last year with a $10,000 donation, the standard requested amount for underwriting the event. Regarding the schoolhouse, Winn said, "the renovation/restoration and repurposing of the Schoolhouse is a personal endeavor."
Winn is director and co-founder of ZipFizz Corporation, makers of an energy drink in Mill Creek, Washington. He also owns a home in The Lookout, a Lake Chelan subdivision just north of the city.
He intends for ZipFizz to "support the community in select 'Healthy Lifestyle' events that have ties to mind and/or body."
Winn Co-Founded Zipfizz Corporation in 2003 and serves as president and CEO of
The opening of the renovated schoolhouse is planned for Memorial Day weekend 2018.

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