Megan Porter the creator of Petalpotts

Petalpotts: The biggest little store on the strip

By Gary Bégin
At 90 square feet of retail space, Petalpotts is the biggest little shop on the Wenatchee Avenue strip if bang-for-the-foot-buck is the criteria for greatness.
Megan Porter, ever smiling, is the owner/operator of this creative expression in retail that blends hand-painted flower pots with mostly homegrown flowers.
Porter first came up with the idea when she realized how beautiful flowers were not being complimented by the pots they came in. "I started painting the pots with latex colors and then taught myself the marbling technique," she said. "No two pots are the same."
With an investment of around $5,000 to purchase the initial stock of pots, paints and interior redesigning of the retail space, Porter decided the little shop on 5 S. Wenatchee Ave., Ste. 102, was a perfect fit to launch her business.
She has a 2010 bachelor's degree in advertising from WSU-Pullman, but wanted to be her own boss. She works at home in her backyard and garage and grows about 50 percent of her plant stock there.
Porter saves a bundle by purchasing many plant stands from Goodwill and also by propagating "baby" plants from a common mother plant.
She pays $225 a month for the space, smaller than bathrooms in some stores, and also rents a kiosk at Pybus Market.
Porter has been plying her wares for about 14 months and is not profitable yet, but is forever optimistic.
"I'm getting on (a website for unique, handcrafted products) and also the holidays are coming up," she concluded.
For more information on this little gem in the heart of downtown Wenatchee, call Porter at 509-679-1498 or check her out on Facebook: or email her directly:
Her hours of operation vary so it is always advisable to call or email first.

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