Paws & Claws expands Quincy operations

Shawna & Freddie
DVM Shawna Bais holds one of her "house" cats, Freddie, at her business in East Wenatchee. Gary Bégin/WBJ

EAST WENATCHEE --  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Shawna Bais has owned the Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital at 2484 SE 4th St., since building it in 2012 with her husband Roland, owner of Kwik Lube and Tune in Wenatchee..
In February of 2016 she bought the Quincy Veterinary Clinic when the previous owner decided to retire.
Bais has recently decided to greatly expand the Quincy operation, doubling its size by adding another 1,500 square feet and hiring two new veterinarians to augment the current staff.
"We are essentially doubling the size of our hospital with the addition of a new x-ray room, isolation room and increased work areas allowing for better work flow," she said.
The cost for the project is between $130,000 - $150,000, according to Bais and the work is expected to be completed sometime next month.
Besides the physical and personnel expansion, Bais is also growing her services to the animal world by increasing her emergency care to 24/7, mobile and large animal capabilities as well as delving into small ruminants like goats and sheep and camelids such as alpacas and llamas. Doctor Lauren Waldorf was recently added to the staff at Paws & Claws, in part to care for the new client diversity using mobile veterinary services to reach out to large animal care clients.
Also added to staff and to augment mobile services are veterinary medicine doctors Samantha Zuck-Roscoe and Danielle Alleman, both interested in providing mixed animal services and helping to expand emergency services as well.
Bais also owns and operates the Black Butte Veterinary Hospital in Northern California, which she bought after graduating veterinary school in 2006. How does she keep track of her multi-state operations?
"I use I-Pads, email, phone, messaging and whatever I need to do to keep things running smoothly," Bais said.
Using modern-day communications, she is able to diagnose patients and communicate with staff, an "amazing and dedicated staff and clients at all hospitals" that she says she is "blessed" to have.
Bias is also excited about the introduction of digital x-rays which will give her a sharper picture and also get processed much more rapidly, according to Bais.
Part of the secret to her success? "I find that creating a relationship and spending time getting to know and educating clients is important. Our focus has been on getting to know each client and patient as an individual and treating them accordingly," Bais said.
"Running three hospitals keeps me busy, but it's been a great experience," Bais said.
Another proactive tool to keep business running smoothly is her use of "Vetsource," an online pharmacy "specific to our hospital so that clients can refill medications and food online from the comfort of their own home and have them shipped directly to them."
No matter which hospital or service is used, Bais stands by her motto: "Compassionate care with a personal touch."
For more information call 509-888-PAWS (7297).

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