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From a Port of Chelan news release
As of June 23, the Air Service Investment Program (ASIP) to secure  direct flights from Pangborn Airport to San Francisco is about $50,000 from reaching its goal of $400,000.
Port of Chelan County commissioners recently approved a resolution pledging $50,000 toward the ASIP. Commissioner Donn Etherington stated, “Support has been strong across the region from many businesses, local governments, non-profits and individuals excited to see new air service. While we still need more pledges, the Port of Chelan County financial commitment gets our local match closer to the goal.”
The regional pledges, inlcuding a few from the San Francisco Bay area, have now reached almost $350,000 with the Port’s pledge. Commissioner Rory Turner stated “Raising local funds from 77 entities, with more pledges coming in everyday, showcases the region’s strength and commitment to our economic growth.”
The ASIP shares the financial risk with the airline and demonstrates the region’s intent to use the new service. An airline will invest about $8 million to start daily jet service over a two-year period. The community funds will be used as a match for a federal grant worth $750,000 to share the risk with the airline. “Airlines that see broad support are willing to invest in new air service,” stated Craig Larsen, Business Development Director for the Port. With entities pledging from four North Central Washington counties, the region continues to show its support.
"Destination San Francisco" is one step in many steps to gain new air service at Pangborn Memorial Airport. “The Ports of Chelan and Douglas counties have been working toward new air service for many years. Critical was the recent completion of the runway extension. Service to San Francisco Bay area will improve the vitailty of our economic region for business and leisure travel alike,” stated Commissioner JC Baldwin. “This is a great opportunity for our region and we’re thrilled that so many businesses, organizations and individuals have pledged their financial support.”
Pledgers may want tourists from the San Francisco Bay area, or have business or family ties to the region. Some pledgers choose to support new air service for the good of the community. Regardless of their reason, they all understand new air service is good for business, citizens and growth.
The $400,000 is critical to receive the full grant amount from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The original grant deadline was extended and is now anticipated for sometime in July, so fundraising continues. To pledge towards "Destination San Francisco Bay Area", go to or contact Craig Larsen at 509-663-5159 or .

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