Nova Bar & Grill

Owner Omar on left and Manager Morgan,

Nova Bar & Grill:
Not your normal gin joint

By Gary Bégin
Near the south end of Wenatchee, in an area ripe for further development, a bright new star has emerged from the otherwise dreary landscape ... bright enough to be called a nova. Indeed that is what it is, Nova Bar & Grill is the shining jewel at 212 S. Wenatchee Ave., and, although the entranceway doesn't show it, don't judge this book by its cover.
Once inside allow your eyes to focus on the $100,000 worth of furnishings, games, fixtures and various decor that owner Omar Robles has invested to bring this neglected part of Wenatchee into the modern age.
Robles, part of a family car business in Moses Lake, decided Wenatchee was ready for a change. That change was an unusual sort of sports bar that actually caters to and encourages families to wine and dine.
Of course there's the night action complete with disco ball, DJ and dance floor ala Saturday Night Fever.
General Manager Morgan Allen serves as the Friday and Saturday night DJ as well as the master mixologist showing how to make superb cocktails to his crew.
He has 20 years of experience opening new clubs (this is his 8th) across the nation and serves as an integral part of the scene at Nova. Allen states his DJ mix is "90 percent various classic hip hop and 'new stuff', but I honor all requests."
"I saw the potential and wanted to bring this type of club to Wenatchee," said the affable Robles, who was previously the finance manager at his family owned and operated Best Buy Auto Sales. His family also runs a tire store in Moses Lake.
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