Museum MakerSpace

Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center promotes 'MakerSpace'

Looking to support a community where we can learn and grow together? Where people can come together to share ideas, inspire others, and create? The museum's beloved MakerSpace is a collaborative space that allows kids and adults a place to explore, create, and invent. Our MakerSpace hosts kids classes, camps, clubs for robotics, LEGO make-and-takes, and tinker engineering. We also host adults for soldering, hydroponics, circuitry, and more.

We're looking to expand our programs by offering kids, adults, and entrepreneurs access to a variety of maker equipment. Your in-kind donation of fully functioning tools will give others the opportunity to learn and create.

Our Wish List includes:

    •    1 Drill
    •    1 Drill Press
    •    3 Wrench Sets
    •    1 Dremel
    •    1 Shop Vac
    •    1 Plotter
    •    1 Impact Driver
    •    1 Welder
    •    1 Lathe
    •    1 Belt Sander
    •    4 Calipers

Your in-kind or monetary donation to our MakerSpace helps create a space for making, sharing, giving, learning, playing, participating, and tinkering. If you have spare tools or are looking to support our projects please contact us! Your donation allows us to expand our MakerSpace and provide new opportunities for our community. Email us at or call us at (509) 888-6240 to learn more.

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