Medical breakthrough in treadmills

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Anti-gravity treadmill debuts in Wenatchee

By Gary Bégin
EAST WENATCHEE - A modern miracle of physical therapy science has finally reached the Wenatchee Valley in the form of the space-aged "AlterG" Anti-Gravity Treadmill. The proud parents of this $40,000 beauty? Associates in Physical Therapy based off Grant Road here.
Doctor of Physical Therapy Justin Harris, one of the associates, feels "It will pay for itself in about five years."
Harris said "maybe five or six exist in Spokane and I think there's one in Yakima" with the vast majority of the highly computerized treadmills being in Seattle.
"We have the only one in North Central Washington," Harris said.
The machines are found all over the world in the luxurious training rooms of the super teams in every major sport, especially American football.
It can also be found on major college campuses in the training rooms of top tier football teams.
Harris said he wants the word to get around town throughout the medical community, but he expects other local medical organizations to take notice and probably get their own machines without too much delay.
One recent treadmill user, Ray Wells of Wenatchee, said "I can hardly feel my body." Wells was using the machine for the sixth time out of a regimen requiring 12 visits in a progressive manner. Wells is recovering from knee surgery, but other patients can use the machine because of the need to suspend heavy weight. A normal treadmill doesn't compensate for the person who may be overweight to the point that it hurts their joints, but the AlterG does.
"This system is much less expensive for our company to buy then having an aquatic system, such as a swimming pool," Harris said. "It's 20 percent cheaper than having a pool," he said.
Harris said that many professional sports teams and colleges have the AntiG Treadmill because of the ease of which that large bodied athletes, like football players, can use it.
Harris said the company that makes the AntiG Treadmill also makes higher end models of the machine that retail as high as $70,000.
"It's perfect for those who don't want to swim or for those that are recovering from foot or leg surgery and still have wounds that are healing," Harris said.
The company brochures claim their treadmill is, "Clinically proven to reduce pain and impact on your joints ... and gives you the opportunity to exercise even with the presence of orthopedic, neurologic or other medical conditions."
The technology was developed by NASA, according to the manufacturer and "helps combat the diseases of aging by allowing for exercise when it would be otherwise be impossible." It allows for "up to 80 percent body weight support."
Harris highly recommends use of the treadmill by those recovering from knee, hip, foot or other surgery to the lower extremities and would be happy to allow demonstrations to those interested.
Associates in Physical Therapy is located at 230 Grant Rd., Suite B27. Call 509-884-1437 for more information.

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