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Seattle's Logic20/20 opens office in Wenatchee Valley

EAST WENATCHEE -- Seattle-based consulting firm Logic20/20 recently announced its expansion into the Central Washington region with a new office in Wenatchee led by Eastern Washington Development Manager Amanda Lundy.
The Wenatchee Business Journal caught up with the busy business manager and was able to clarify the purpose and plan of action Logic20/20 has in store for the Wenatchee Valley and beyond.
Lundy has over seven years of experience working in business and technology consulting, supporting key strategic clients to understand their customers, predict and increase sales, automate repetitive tasks, and increase the speed of innovation to market.
WBJ: Why did you choose Wenatchee to open a satellite office?
Lundy: Through the course of 2017 we understood that there was a significant opportunity to target an underserved set of customers in Washington State.  In aligning with our strategic goals of bringing our expertise to clients outside of Seattle, we created the Business Plan to determine if we can tap into the opportunity and develop an iterative approach that allows us to pivot to the needs of the Eastern Washington customers.  To support this approach, the organization decided to invest in developing a presence in Wenatchee.  My personal goal is to execute on the plan to understand, identify and open up clients in the Wenatchee valley, and greater Eastern Washington area. 
WBJ: Can you elaborate on the specific type of work you will do for agricultural clients?
Lundy: We see our core capabilities helping agriculture businesses to better understand their customer, predict and increase sales, automate repetitive tasks and increase the speed of innovation to market.  We do this through advanced analytics, delivery leadership, digital transformation and managed services.  
WBJ: What makes Logic20/20 different?
Lundy: Two things really:
1)    In this day and age of information overload and change – data, technology, climate change, our customers need support in understanding their options and the right approaches available to them. That is our secret sauce, we help them gain the perspective for most simple and effective solutions to emerge and to help them map out how to get to the outcomes they desire; and
2)    Our company vision to be “one of the best companies to work for and one of the best companies to do business with” really shows in how we treat our consultants and clients alike. We are very much like a family with a true partnership, working hand in hand in a personalized fashion to drive successful outcomes. This is very much aligned to our customers in Eastern Washington who want that personalized attention and hence our investment in growing our presence here.
WBJ: Who are your consultants doing this work?
Lundy: Our consultants are a blend of former "Big 4" (anyone that came from one of the large consulting firms: Deloitte, PriceWaterhouseCooper, Ernst & Young, and KPMG). We hire consultants from their management consulting side of the business primarily, we don't do the accounting/audit work.
consultants and industry experts. We plan on supporting our Central and Eastern Washington clients a couple different ways. We will offer flexible work options for our Seattle based consultants to do a mix of onsite and offsite work. As we grow our business in the area, we also hope to hire local consultants, individuals looking to move to the area, college hires from nearby universities, as well as look to create a center of excellence to support our national customers.
For the past two years we have been named one of Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For by its employees and Seattle Business Magazine (ranked #2 in 2016, #8 in 2017 in the midsize business category).
WBJ: Do you plan to work with businesses outside of the agriculture vertical?
Lundy: We do, outside of our experience working with Fortune 100 companies, we also work with state and local government, education, nonprofits, as well as start-up’s. We'll partner with these organizations to deliver their most important initiatives by aligning people, processes, and tools. We help them achieve their organizational goals and drive impactful positive outcomes for communities and students. It’s our mission to bring measurement as a foundational element to all conversations in education, public, and social sector initiatives.
The diverse landscape of opportunities within agriculture, local government, and small-to-medium-size businesses across the Wenatchee Valley attracted Logic20/20 to the area.
The Logic20/20 approach to business and technology challenges provides clients with innovative ways to meet their growing business needs.
WBJ: Will Logic20/20 have a brick and mortar location in Wenatchee?
Lundy: "We do plan to open a brick and mortar location down the road and ideally hire consultants from the Wenatchee area or that are moving to the area. We are waiting to determine what the primary project/consultant makeup will be in the area before move forward in any one direction.
WBJ: Do you have local contact info for b2b contacts?
Lundy: I can be reached at 206-384-0522 or via email: amandal@logic2020.com.
WBJ: Any specific local clients that can be identified as of yet?
Lundy: Not yet, but we are expecting to make an impact in the agriculture market. Logic20/20 values, among other things, acting with integrity and supporting our team and communities. “Our fundamental beliefs, partnered with our dynamic capabilities, will be a very good fit within the Wenatchee community,” said Lundy.
Travis Jones, Logic20/20’s Senior Vice President of Consulting and Strategy said, “We’re thrilled to have the chance to expand our footprint across the Wenatchee Valley. We’ve been working in Eastern Washington dating back to 2011, providing clear insight and helping businesses grow. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to better support local business with a physical presence in the valley.”
For more information go to logic2020.com.

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