Legend ice cream

East Wenatchee ice cream
Owner Robert F. Kennedy III
Legend is located in the old Oil Can Henry's building on Valley Mall Parkway.

EAST WENATCHEE - Billed as "designer" ice cream, Legend ice cream here is living up to its name. CEO Robert F. Kennedy III is confident ice cream connoisseurs will agree.
Customized ice cream is made fresh for patrons using a patented cryogenic "mechanical" liquid nitrogen process. Kennedy is also co-owner of the company that manufactures the machines right here in Wenatchee, which is sold the world over. (See the October edition of the WBJ for that story.)
Kennedy said his son Rosten, 18, and he wanted to do something together and they came up with the idea of an ice cream store. It cost about $125,000 to get the enterprise going, according to Kennedy, who is a 1988 graduate of Eastmont High School.
Creativity is one of the hallmarks of this company which spares no expense in its selection of ingredients such as using edible gold (real) flakes and rose petals from Pakistan.
"I think of stuff that's unique and I read a lot about what's going on when I select unusual things to make my ice cream flavors," Kennedy said.
Olive oils, vinegars, lavender, bacon, caviar - those are some of the unique treats Kennedy adds to what is easily the most dynamic, interesting and one-of-a-kind ice cream menus in the world.
"My most popular flavor is the Cookie Monster," beams Kennedy. "I want to sell flavors you can't get at the store."
Using the liquid nitrogen process is not cheap. "I spend $2,500 a month for it and $1,500 for a 10 gram bottle of 23 karat gold flakes," he said.
Kennedy said he pays $2,000 a month and has a two-year lease.
"Fifteen percent of my sales are in "to go" pints," Kennedy states about his initial $2,000 in sales.  
A chandelier greets customers as they enter the establishment, another non-conforming item making the entire place special, but perhaps the most unusual thing in the entire store is the owner himself and his extensive background in anything but the culinary arts.
"I am not a chef or a cook nor did I have any experience in the food industry," Kennedy states, but that didn't matter to the effervescent CEO.
"I always knew I'd run my own business." Thus Legend was born.
The official grand opening was in late July and business was gangbusters. As of this report the place is still busy every night. There is a drive-through service window and ample seating inside.
Prices are as low as $1 for the daily special up to $8 for a large, complete with gold (colored) plastic spoon and container. There is even a menu selection featuring a real 24k gold plated spoon that customers can keep.
Kennedy said only the best ingredients are used in all of the ice creams.
"We have upscale machines to go with upscale ingredients." Speaking of  "to go" pints, they go from $9 for one pint to two pints at $15. For customers aiming for more upscale treats, $26 or more for your heart's desire can easily be achieved depending on your imagination. The amount of flavors that can be created have no limit.
Punch cards, gift cards for any amount, Kennedy has spared no expense, including the opulent gold and black themed decor.
Slushies, sorbet, yogurt and fruit smoothies are also available at Legend.
The shop is located in the same building as the former Oil Can Henry's (now a Valvoline Oil Change) at 159 Valley Mall Pkwy.
Call 509-888-0139 for more information or visit Kennedy and company 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. M-Th and Sunday, 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Fri/Sat. Bring your "out-of-the-box" alter self along with you.

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