Bugert Beats Smith for Chelan Commissioner

Bugert defeats Smith for
Chelan Commissioner seat

The latest results of the November 6, 2018 General Election just updated Wednesday, November, 14 at "4:04 p.m." by the Chelan County Auditor's office show independent Bob Bugert has defeated Republican Shon Smith for Chelan County Commissioner, seat 2.
Tonight's tally: Bugert 15,931 votes or 50.7% versus Smith's 15,491 or 49.3% out a total vote count of 31,422. This race was easily the most competitive contest in the county this election cycle equalling a victory of only 440 votes. The previous count showed Bugert up only 160 votes.

Smith, the owner of two "Wok About Grills," one in Wenatchee and one in Leavenworth, said "I am very proud of the campaign we ran. We kept it clean and above board. I’m grateful for the opportunity and the trust the community put in supporting me in this. Off to the planned Noodle Expansion and job creation!"

Bugert survived a five-man August primary field, which included two other independents, Zach Miller and Lee Duncan.
Likewise Smith survived the same primary battle that included one other Republican.
In an interview previously published in the Wenatchee Business Journal, Bugert said, "As Executive Director of the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, I worked regularly with commissioners in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties. In Chelan County I’ve worked with our commissioners on specific local issues. In my ten years’ work for the Governor’s Office, I worked directly with county commissioners and other elected officials throughout eastern Washington. For 25 years I have worked with dozens--if not a hundred--county commissioners. I have partnered with them in hundreds of public meetings. I know first hand what a commissioner deals with, and have a solid understanding of what makes a good commissioner."
Bugert also said in that interview, "I have also been working with the Greater Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce and Port of Chelan County to strengthen our outdoor recreation economy. This has direct benefits to restaurants, motels, and other services in our communities. I am currently on the Board of Wenatchee Valley TREAD, the newly-formed nonprofit to promote outdoor recreation and tourism in Chelan and Douglas counties. Our work is done with the financial support and partnership of the Chamber of Commerce and Port of Chelan County, and many recreation businesses and nonprofits in the area. Our goal is to promote recreation to improve the quality of life and health in the region, and to develop recreation-based jobs as part of a strong and diverse economic mix that supports this region."
Bugert also stated in the past that, "As a County Commissioner, I will continue to work with the chambers of commerce, port districts, and our cities to strengthen that approach. My goal is to bring all stakeholders together (motorized, non-motorized, water, snow and land) to provide the best outdoor recreation experiences in our communities, improving the quality of life for everyone who lives in or visits the region."
How would Bugert handle agricultural interests in the county?
"In my work as the Governor’s Eastern Washington representative to the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, I have been involved in projects to increase the efficiency of local irrigation. The Funding Board is responsible for providing roughly $2 million in grants each year to Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties for restoring and protecting salmon habitat. Some of the funded projects have improved our county’s irrigation infrastructure, resulting in more reliable water supplies to our farmers. Funds have also strengthened the sports fishing industry (increasing tourist dollars to the county) and improved our resilience to climate change," he said.
Bugert will be taking the place of current Commissioner Keith Goehner (R) who won his election bid to become the new 12th District State Representative.
Optimistic about the future, Bugert said "Our transportation, public transit, irrigation water supply, and agricultural product delivery could advance into a new and productive era, if we are proactive about climate change adaptation," he said.
"Partnerships are imperative ... to make this happen. Together, we can build a stronger community - through creative and proactive partnerships," Bugert concluded. 
Bugert will be serving with Republicans Kevin Overbay and Doug England on the commission beginning in January 2019 for a four-year term.
Because of the close race, per Washington state election recount rules:
Recounts in Washington State
Mandatory Recounts for non-statewide races:
    • A machine recount is required when the difference between the top two candidates is less than 2,000 votes AND ALSO less than 1/2 of 1% of the total number of votes cast for both candidates.
    • A manual recount is required when the difference between the top two candidates is less than 150 votes AND ALSO less than 1/4 of 1% of the total votes cast for both candidates.
Non-Mandatory Recounts: A recount may be requested as follows, even if the difference between the top two candidates does not meet the mandatory recount thresholds:
    • An application for a recount of the votes cast must be filed with the elections officer with whom filings are made for the jurisdiction. For example, candidates for offices that encompass multiple counties file with the Secretary of State. The application must be filed within three business days after certification.
    • An officer of a political party or any person for whom votes were cast at any election may file a written application for a recount of the votes or a portion of the votes cast at that election for all candidates for election to that office.
    • Any group of five or more registered voters may file a written application for a recount of the votes or a portion of the votes cast upon any question or issue.
    • Any qualified individual or group of registered voters requesting a recount is required to, at the time of submitting the application for a recount, submit a deposit, by cash or certified check, to the county canvassing board or the Secretary of State as follows:
    • For a machine recount - fifteen cents for each ballot cast in the jurisdiction or portion of the jurisdiction for which the recount is requested.
    • For a manual recount - twenty-five cents for each ballot cast in the jurisdiction or portion of the jurisdiction for which the recount is requested.

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